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How they've grown!

This spring we had a great crop of goat kids, who are now all well into their first year of life. Looking back at the photos of them from when they were tiny little things made me realise how much they've grown. When they were little, they were about the size of cats and we picked them up all the time. Now they are much too big to pick up (or much too big for me to pick up, anyway - Fraser can still get them where he wants them!) and well on their way to looking like proper grown up goats and less like strange alien beings. Here are a few 'before and after' pics to help you see their progress. Excuse the somewhat blurry photos - I dropped my phone in a bowl of washing up earlier today - hence the attraction 'soft focus' look.

The pictures above show Anastasia - who was born at the end of March - when she was a week old (and very pickable-upable!) and now at nearly five months, standing next to her mum Madame looking all grown up and glossy.

The ones below show Mr Frosty and Audrey - Justt's kids - when they were just a couple of days old at the start of April. Then you can see a rather blurry Mr Frosty jumping up on the stable door to say hello (note his big hoof in the foreground) and then Audrey and Justt, yesterday, with Audrey aged four and a half months now looking thoughtful in the right hand side of the picture.

Lastly, our biggest kids! Angel was born at the start of February at Hill Farm, Somerset, and we got her when she was two weeks old. Now nearly six months old, she is about the size of a labrador and as you can see, has a beautiful face with a characteristic Anglo Nubian 'roman nose' and even longer ears.

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