Our new parlour

Today we took two of our milking goats into our brand new milking parlour for the first time. Until now we've been hand milking them twice a day while converting an old barn into a small, modern parlour, fit for producing milk to the highest hygienic standards. This was what it used to look like when it was used for storing old vehicles - as you can see, we had a lot of work to do! It's been really rewarding seeing it transformed back to a proper functional agricultural building. Over five months this has gradually transformed, fitted with proper plumbing, new milking equipment and purpose built goat milking stalls, which we had to order from Greece as they are such a specialist item. Our mi

Sixth months selling cheese

Today is the sixth month anniversary of our first ever cheese sale. Phew! We've been making cheese for much longer than that (nearly two years to the day, in fact) but our first official sale was on March 6th at South Oxford Community Market to a lovely woman who volunteers there. Half a year - and quite a few cheeses - later, we're still here and enjoying a life of cheese and goats. Looking back over what we've done so far, we've had some brilliant highs. Winning awards and medals at the Artisan Cheese Fair and the British Cheese Awards are moments that particularly stand out. We're now selling enough cheese to make ten times as much per week as we were in back in March, and our cheeses are

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