All our cheese is made at the Earth Trust Farm in South Oxfordshire. We use unpasteurised goats' milk from our own herd and from another local herd kept near Steventon. We use traditional French methods to make our cheese but have given them our own Oxfordshire flavour.  

Sinodun Hill


Sinodun Hill is a ripened goats’ cheese pyramid, similar in style to a Pouligny and other French goats’ cheeses. It is made using the traditional method of slow lactic coagulation and is then matured for up to 21 days to develop the flavour and texture. The rennet is vegetarian - derived from the cardoon thistle. The result is a flavoursome cheese with a light nutty edge and a light mousse-like texture. Its rind seasonally develops some blue and grey moulds as it ages, which add to the flavour and character of the cheese. The Sinodun Hills is the ‘proper’ name for the Wittenham Clumps, standing just above the Earth Trust farm where the goats graze. You can read more about the rind of Sinodun Hill here.


Sinodun Hill won Best New Cheese at the British Artisan Cheese Awards 2017 together with Gold Medals in 2017 and 2018 and a Gold at the World Cheese Awards 2018 We also won Best New Artisan Producer at the 2017 Great British Cheese Awards with Sinodun Hill.

Brightwell Ash

Brightwell Ash is a ripened goats cheese disc with an ash based natural rind. It has a silky texture and particularly sumptuous flavour with hazelnut and citrus notes. It is made with traditional animal rennet. The rind develops natural moulds on the ash base which add greatly to the flavour and character of the cheese and vary seasonally. 

Brightwell Ash was a runner up in both the New Cheese and Goats Cheese categories of the Artisan Cheese Awards in May 2019, where it also awarded a Gold.