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Award Winners!

We were delighted to hear last week that the two cheeses we entered into the British Cheese Awards both won medals, with Brightwell Barrow coming top in its class and winning us a Gold Medal. Hurrah! We are now allowed to add these rather groovy awards to our labels and publicity material.

This came on top of winning two silver awards at the Artisan Cheese Fair in April. What we can't quite work out yet though is how to apply them to the cheeses - a particular challenge for Brightwell Barrow, which is quite a small cheese! The label takes up most of the cheese already at the moment. Any ideas??

We were particularly excited to win a prize at the British Cheese Awards because we had visited them last year so had seen the sheer number of entries in person. They are held at the Bath and West Show. This time last year, we were still making cheese at home in the kitchen. I looked back at the diary entry I'd written after our visit there last June when we had looked at all those hundreds of cheeses and felt very awed. I had said that it seemed 'laughable to imagine we could make an award winning cheese by this time next year'. It is amazing to think how far we've come since then, though we still can't quite believe it.

Thanks for all the support!

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