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The Kids are alright!

Yesterday was a very exciting time as we welcomed our first kids to their new pens. Still to be named, two adorable, white-eared, black kids have arrived from Hill Farm (run by Will Atkinson who also makes cheese!). They look almost identical, even a white patch on the top of their head, but strangely are not sisters because they have different mothers. They have to be bottle-fed four times a day but they always seem to be hungry!

It was a very exciting journey to retrieve the kids, due to them traveling back with us in the boot of our car. They certainly let us know they were there with tiny bleeps coming from the back of our car every now and then. Who would have thought that driving down the motorway you would see two baby goats peering out at you…or two baby goats being in the boot of your car! It made for an interesting, funny journey home.

They are now settled nicely into their pen and are always happy to see you when you walk in. They are very loving and treat you like a climbing frame!

We are very thrilled for the rest of 2016 where we will be gaining ten more kids and expanding our herd even more.

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