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The goats are here!

Our first two goats are now happily housed in our barn at Earth Trust Farm. Hooray! We collected Just and Madame from Maggi Franklin in Herefordshire on Saturday and delivered them safely to the barn by tea time. It was a momentus day for us in more ways than one. It was our first proper use of our newly acquired livestock trailer, which is 12 feet long and is "interesting" to tow. But mainly it was the fulfillment of a dream to keep goats that started about 18 months ago. The girls have settled in well and are very much enjoying snacking on the Oxfordshire vegetation. Brambles are their favourite so far. It was quite surprising to see them enthusiastically munching through not only the leaves but also the stalks, thorns and all! The girls seem perfectly happy in each other's company, which is not surpising given that they are mother and daughter, but I'm sure they will be pleased to see the arrival of their new companions this Saturday, when we collect our next seven goats from Cumbria.

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