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The barn: before and after

Fraser and I spent this (Sunday) afternoon putting the finishing touches to our barn at the Earth Trust farm, all ready for the first two goats to arrive next week. When we first saw the barn, in December 2014, it looked very different. North Farm, where we are based, came into Earth Trust's hands a few years ago and the barns hadn't been used for a long time and were in need of some tender loving care.

Our barn hadn't been used to keep animals in...well, actually, we don't know how long! It must have been decades. In the meantime, it was being used to store props and scenery from a local amateur dramatics society and for various bits of farm machinery. It had got really dirty and the door was missing some panels. There was no lighting or animal penning.

Now we have fitted new, clean, green draught proofing, fixed the doors, put in some pens and, as of today, put down nice thick straw beds for the goats. Check it out now!

And here's Fraser demonstrating the new pens...


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