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The goats are coming!

Our first goats are going to be collected on January 30th so this month our attention is focused on lots of activities to make sure we are ready for when they arrive.

Our barn at the Earth Trust farm has had lots of work done to it to transform it into somewhere fit for keeping goats. First we had to clear out all the things that have been stored there during the years it has been empty, which included lots of old scenery and props from a local amateur dramatic society. We moved sofas, suitcase, pots of paint and staircases, to name a few! Then we swept out all the dirt that had built up over time and fixed the various holes in the walls and door that might let wild birds or draughts come in.

Goats hate getting cold and wet, despite their reputation for being hardy, so making sure the barn can be kept dry and wind proof was the next priority, and we fitted windbreak around all four walls as well as fixing the doors, putting in some new perspex panels to let in some light.

We got our first delivery of hay and straw today so we can make cosy beds for the goats and give them something to munch on. The hay is made from wildflower meadows at Earth Trust and smells deliciously sweet. Now we need to order some concentrate food and fix some hurdles down to make pens for the goats.


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