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The Goatful 8

All the way from the land of the lakes in Cumbria, meet our new arrivals. Cleo (the big white one) is pregnant with quads that are due at the end of March. We were advised by Diane, the previous owner, that we will probably need to get "involved" in the birth. So we are obviously looking forward to that. If you'd like to volunteer to sit watch overnight in the barn come the end of March, just drop us a line and we will book you in. Equally, if you would like to help pull a number of kids out of a large goat, then also drop us a line.

Two of the others (Damson and Disco I think) may also be pregnant, so we will have a barn full of kids come springtime! So we now have a herd of 10 goats. Not a phrase I had ever thought I would use, but it's a fact.

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