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Norton and Yarrow Cheese make award winning artisan goats' cheese. We are based at the Earth Trust Farm in South Oxfordshire, where our goats graze on wildflower meadows near the River Thames.
We make two exquisite cheeses.

Sinodun Hill is a pyramid cheese with a unique, mousse-like texture and a bright citrus flavour with red fruit and almond notes. It has a stunning ivory coloured rind which seasonally develops a flavoursome blue dusting. Sinodun Hill won Best Artisan Cheese at the World Cheese Awards in November 2022 and Best New Cheese at the Artisan Cheese Awards in May 2017.

Brightwell Ash is an ash-coated cheese with a silky texture and sumptuous flavour. Brightwell Ash won Best Goats' Cheese at the Artisan Cheese Awards in May 2022

We have our own herd of pedigree Anglo Nubian goats - the 'Jersey Cow' of the goat world who we keep to exceptionally high welfare standards, and farm using environmentally sustainable methods. 

We hope you will love the cheese as much as we do!

Award-winning goats' cheese hand made on our Oxfordshire farm

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